Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long time no blog! Lots going on...no internet until Fri! Moved in new house, mostly off this week... Lots to report on the weekend! Stay tuned! <3 u all! Laur

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost a week since last blog? Unreal....

I am so proud - I walked a 5K as the opener to the Relay for Life...and although I did have to rest for a couple of hours after, I did it! I hadn't eaten before hand (not smart on my part) so my body rebelled. But, I'm so proud....I estimate I walked between 12 and 15 miles during the weekend. It was wonderful. Check that off my goal list!

I have to say - some of the posts I've been seeing on OH lately have my brain swimming...... particularly about relationship changes following WLS. I have no concerns about my marriage/relationship for many reasons..... As they say, if a marriage is bad before WLS, it will remain bad after.....WLS won't fix it...... in fact, it can amplify issues - from what I have read. I would assume that as your self esteem is boosted, the issues can become more evident. I get that.....

Fortunately, I have a hubby who is so proud of me..... dotes on me..... and has supported me every step of the way. Our love life is better than it's been in a while, I think because I feel sexier and more worthy of his affections. This is a HUGE change from how I used to feel about myself. HE was always the one bugging ME to exercise, so my wanting to is a big positive! We still have everything in common and communicate well....sure, we have our tiffs....who doesn't? But a good argument is a sign of communication - and honest communication at that. I am truly blessed.

A marriage doesn't just take care of itself - you have to feed it with love and affection and a little work.....that's always how I was taught and it has served me well. I'm happier than I've ever been.....in all aspects of my life. I wouldn't trade this life/feeling for anything.....I wish everyone the same.

WLS does NOT have to = relationship problems. It CAN, but it doesn't HAVE to. I think the fact that our relationship has survived infertility, relocation, financial issues, unemployment, etc....and we're still good? That's why we make it still today - and will for years to come. <3

Thanks for reading.
<3 you all!
Laur =)

Friday, June 11, 2010


Tomorrow is it. Relay for Life! =) In honor of my Nanni and all others who are fighting, have won, or have lost their battle with cancer, I walk. I will be up for 24 hours......most of them at least....and I'm starting my relay off with a 5k. (Don't worry, I cleared it with my PT!)

Wish me luck! I'll catch you on the other side of the relay with pics and updates.

Thanks for reading!
Laurie =)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Member of the Century Club!

It's official. I've lost 100#! I even stepped on the scale 3x to confirm it! Unbelievable. I have lost 77# since January 25th, the other 23# were lost pre-op.....but they ALL count! Hooray!

I'm booking myself a spa day to celebrate..... massage, mani, and pedi. All for me.

Relay for life is Saturday! =) I'm so excited for it.....the shirts are in, my items for the basket raffle are in, I just have to get everything put together and we're good to go. I'm $30 from my fund raising goal. Two days to go....I have to shop tonight for the stuff for our minute to win it stunts in our tent......I have the pedometers...but nothing else....we shall see.

Thanks for reading!
Laur =)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

99.5 lbs lost!

I am a silly millimeter from 100. My sister actually asked me if I went and tried to pee more to make the number. Alas, it's just going to happen this week, is all. I can't believe I'm here.

So many amazing things happening.....my house closes in 2 weeks (from this Friday), Relay for Life is this weekend....I'll have 100# lost by the weekend, I'm sure of it. I am going to wear my sister's dress to my cousin's wedding instead of my brother's....(that still blows my mind!).

And, to boot, my back feels a lot better. The NASCAR race was so much fun......although I did give myself the slimies eating 1/2 a hotdog.... but it passed relatively quickly. I don't recognize myself in my mirror sometimes, but it's a good feeling.

I was watching on "Losing it with Jillian", there was a girl who had GBS - she lost a ton of weight but still has, "the fat girl" mentality. It's a constant struggle to beat our food demons.....but with time, perseverance, and support of your friends, you can embrace your inner skinny girl. Trust me, it can be done. I'm doing it as we speak. Does this mean that I don't have days when I still feel like the fat girl? Hell no...... we all have those days, whether we're 150 or 350# - but we push through, and make it to the next day......and you have to find the good things to focus on. That's what keeps me going.

Keep smiling - thanks as always for reading.
Laurie =)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fit into a size 16 dress today! it's a flowy style, but IT ZIPPED!! I wanted 2 wear it to my bro's wedding-NEXT YEAR! WOOHOO!
Thanx 4 reading!
Laur =)