Saturday, August 14, 2010

My new favorite things

OMG, things are so different than they were this time last year. And my favorite things have changed....the little things in life, the little victories, mean more to me than anything right now. Here is my top 10.....They are not in priority order.....just as they pop into my head.

10. Being able to beat my husband in a crunch endurance contest
9. Crossing my legs under the table/desk/whatever - and being comfy there.
8. Not having to look at a chair first and wonder if my ass will fit within its confines.
7. Having, as my family has put it lately, "no ass"
6. Borrowing clothes - and being able to shop ANYWHERE I want....
5. Wearing my original wedding set - all 3 rings - without worrying about not being able to get them off my fingers at the end of the day
4. Being able to do 3 days of exercise a week without wanting to die
3. Being mistaken for my sisters
2. Having my husband be able to hug me and get his strong arms all the way around me - I feel so safe and secure
1. Knowing that I'm healthier now than I've ever been - and only getting better!

On another note - strange and hopefully good omen today.....I was at a Zumba fundraiser (yes, I'm obsessed, it's a disease) and they had raffles. I put in for a bunch of things - I never win....I considered it a donation, honestly. The one thing I win? A hand made tutu with a rainbow of rhinestones on the shirt....why, you may ask, is this an omen?

When my Grandpa passed away, it started happening that everytime something important or difficult would be happening in our lives, we would see rainbows. We consider them to be messages from Grandpa....and I didn't even see the rainbow on the tutu when I put in for it. We can't even THINK about having a baby any time soon - but I hope this is a sign that our little girl is on the way (or little boy, but he would look a bit silly in a tutu...).

Sorry I've been gone so long....missed you. Thanks, as always, for reading.
Laur =)