Thursday, September 16, 2010

Holy Carbfest, Batman - it needs to stop!

Okay - I was great on vacation - even lost 4.5 lbs while I was there....but now I'm home and I can't stop. Well, I CAN, I'm just having a hard time doing it.

Monday was a rough day at work - lots of stuff thrown at me at once, just back from vacation, preparing to interview for my full time know, the usual. Came home, ate well, then got up on Tuesday. Caramel corn was left over from vaca - took it to work....still ate it. Bad.

Then came yesterday - wanted to be good, but hit Dunkin for a decaf coffee and what do they have? Pumpkin muffins! I decided, "what the heck - I haven't had a muffin in almost a year - one won't hurt!" Then, this morning, I look at the calorie count for the muffin - 590 calories in a DD Pumpkin spice muffin!!! Yeah -that's a big ol' nono food anymore. Holy crap. I almost peed myself. Seriously.....4 months ago, I was lucky to eat 500 calories a DAY, and yesterday, I ate it in an hour. I was disgusted with myself.

THIS is the hard part. I've discovered slider foods....for real. Restriction has nothing on these sweet they must be destroyed. *lol* I'm cracking myself up. I must not let myself get obsessed with calorie counts - but I have to get back to basics..... no sugar, protein first (hell, protein as a focus at all.....been on a wing and prayer this past week), veggies and drink my water.....also a struggle. When I don't eat sugar/carbs, I don't crave I just cut them out and *poof* problem solved. Granted, I don't get anywhere NEAR the 1200 calories I'm supposed to eat (except yesterday, I'm sure I got them yesterday), but that's not an excuse either. It's as Jeff said - "it's not the calories that are's the sugar and protein content...." And he's's definitely better to eat 500 calories in lean meats and veggies than a friggin MUFFIN. Oy.

I feel better having gotten that out. Oh, and BTW.....spouse just called me - said, "want me to pick anything up for dinner on the way home?" I said, "what would you get - not a wise thing tonight"....Stuck to my guns....eating in and well. Nuff said.

Thanks for listening to my blathering......I needed to get that out.
<3 you all!
Laur =)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ack! Lost my post! I hates that!

Anyhoo - take twooo....

I am vacationing in lovely Rehoboth Beach, DE with my fab family. The weekend went quickly, with my brother, sister in law, and nephew heading home yesterday....not to mention the sad departure of my hubby to go home b/c he has to work today! *wah* I miss him already - though my sister, Erin, decided to join me in my room, so I'm not too lonely....

This is tough, though....staying on track on vacation. Sheesh. Meals are okay - but it's the in between that gets me bad.....every day's grocery list includes, "danish, croissants, and donuts" for munching in between meals. Let me tell you - not cool for a post WLS girl. I've been good overall - but I have had moments of weakness - and the concept of slider foods definitely has reared its ugly head this weekend.....crackers and sweets go down way too easily - and I barely feel restriction with them. Mind you, these used to be my trigger foods, so it's even worse. And, my family is a big trigger in and of themselves.....since they are not the healthiest of eaters.....i.e. my diabetic dad having some steudel pieces with his coffee in the AM....before his medicine....but I digress.....

It's going to be harder without my hubby here...he is my entree splitter, Jiminy Cricket at times, and cheerleader. The restriction is helpful, but most the work is squarely on my shoulders. And this week is HARD.

I'm off to chill with my seester, who just joined me on the porch.... Going to relax and take it is vacation, after all! =)

Thanks for reading!
Laur =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hey, all!

It's been a while again - and my friend Liz's announcement of her blog prompted me to blog....

So sorry it's taken me so long to get back on has been getting in the way. Work is insanity, we're going on vacation this weekend for a week, and Jeff and I just booked a week in Vegas, baby! I cannot wait! It's so exciting.....Jeff and I haven't been on vacation alone in about 4 it's time. Seriously.

I've been going to Bodypump classes 2x/week and Zumba once.....I didn't make it there this week, since I've been busy getting ready for vacation - but I do have weights to do my exercises here when I don't get there....mental note....pump body tonight....after I do my progress notes.

Latest updates on my progress -
Weight 226
BMI 35
pants size 16 - 18 depending on store (but Old Navy is a solid 16)
Shirt size - L - XL, depending on store.

Very hard to believe I'm this far into the journey in such a short time - some days I feel like I just had surgery and some days it's old hat.

The longer out I become, the more tempted I get regarding sweets and carbs. It's a struggle to keep on the course, but I try very hard to do my protein first and then do veggies or fruit for my second category. I allow myself one day where I can have something sweet....and I try to keep it small....and it's not very sweet - or I will get sick. And anyone who knows me knows how much I HATE getting sick (stomach sick, that is). I seriously think twice about what I'm going to eat when I want something sweet.....the consequence is not always worth the taste.

All in all - I still get between 600 - 1000 calories in a day - more on my sweet allowance days. I still don't think I've gone over 1000 calories ever.....and I still get full fast and stay full a long time. So worth it.

I've had a lot of people ask me about the surgery and my journey....either for their or someone in their lives''s nice to give back. I love my sleeve....and wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. =) =) =)

And to do paperwork and start packing for vaca.....guess I should vacuum, too, huh?
<3 you all....
Thanks for reading!
Laur =)