Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First major reaction to a food since surgery - ick!

I actually had to go home from work. I got so nauseous, flushed, and slimy mouthed that I thought I was going to vomit right there in the clinic.

I was given the green light to eat Lean Cuisine like meals for lunch - so I went off to WalMart and got me some Healthy Choice meals. So far, so good - until the dreaded whole grain rice incident of 2010.

Okay, I will admit, I have been told in the past that people historically have problems tolerating rice - but I have had ZERO reactions to food - in the way of nausea. I didn't eat much of the rice - only 1 forkfull at the end of my meal - and whatever was stuck to my chicken.... and it was all good.....until 12:45 (I ate at 11:30). All of a sudden, in mid sentence with my patient, I got flushed and nauseated....and really felt faint. I got SCARED. I didn't know whether to "scratch my watch or wind my butt" as Dolly said in Steel Magnolias. I couldn't sit still, couldn't walk around, couldn't figure out WHAT to do.

Now here is where I have to say I have the most amazing staff in the entire universe. They just kept telling me to go sit down - they'd take care of the patients.....and I came home early...... it took a good 2.5 hours to feel remotely normal again. I will never eat rice again. At least not anytime soon. I will never forget the feeling it gave me.....nor do I want to duplicate it again. Oy.

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Hey, all!
I had my first run-in with chick fil a chicken yesterday at work. Tasted good going down, took a bit to feel okay afterwards. I have to say, though, it tasted GOOD going down! =)

Started looking at vacations to take once the house stuff is settled - it was so nice to look at vacas and not have to think, "where can we drive? I don't want to have to take an airplane....the seats are awful!" I figure, by the time we go on vacation, I'll have a bit more weight off and be just fine on airplanes. I was good on the one to GA, although I still did business class to be sure my ass would fit.

Scale hasn't moved again in a few days - but I do admit, I'm still not getting enough calories to make it worth the while - As I was leaving work yesterday, I had only eaten about 500 calories - and my NUT said I should be around 1000 by now. I did have some cheese as a snack and then a lean cuisine for dinner (at almost 10PM), so I probably was about 800 by bedtime. But still - fluids I'm still not doing well with and I need to be more diligent to get my calories in. I think those are my issues. We shall see - and I have to get back to the gym. My lack of sleep kept me from Zumba yesterday - I have to go next week with Tami. I want to try it...I hear it's amazing! =)

Kristin, my trainer, works today....i have to set up my first appt with her......that should get me on the straight and narrow. Let the games begin.

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Laur =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Stall Broken!

So, I added some variety to my food and made sure to up my protein and my water - and voila! Stall broken. I got on the scale this morning and it was 290.5. I'm almost down to the weight I married my husband at! And, we're coming up on our 10th anniversary this Thursday, so I'm pretty psyched about that! =)

I spent some time reading my old blogs on MySpace.....the ones I wrote during my infertility treatments - let me tell you - I was in such a dark place. I sometimes visit the outskirts now, but I don't dwell there. I'm so glad I chose a different path - one that brings me hope and optimism, not disappointment and dispair. It's a great feeling!

I will say, though, going to Kristen's baby shower yesterday gave me the baby bug all over again. I came home and asked Jeff if we could pursue adoption once we're in the new house - if we get the one we bid on today - and he didn't say no...just "we have to get in the house first, then we'll think about it". Nothing says we can't apply and get the wheels turning - THEN try for a biological child later! I'm game for two! =)

Fingers crossed for this other house we bid on.....we even bit above asking, since there is already another offer on the table for it. We shall see - if it's meant to be, it'll be. If this one is a no, we'll have to find an apartment..... I'm not looking forward.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

House hunting - part 4 was pretty good. We found another house we love, down in Townsend, DE - for a good price. So, we're putting in an offer. The selling realtor did mention that someone else has bid on it as well, making the possibility of a bidding war imminent. Curious.... we shall see what comes of it. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. I LOVE the house - and I hope we definitely get it. It was really the ONLY one today that we liked enough to make an offer. We'll see.

On a WLS note - the scale was down 1 today - but only after I moved the scale to another location in the bathroom. Very strange. IDK. All I know is that the size 22 jeans fit - and I'm thrilled with the new me. I tried whole wheat pasta for dinner sat like a rock. Don't know if I'll be doing that again. It tasted good, that's for sure, but if it's going to make me feel like crap? Not worth it. We'll see.

Thanks for reading! More tomorrow, likely - I hate waiting until Monday for the news on the house....hope it's good! =)

Me =)

Friday, March 26, 2010

2 month follow up.....

Well, regardless of the lack of movement on the scale - today was a pretty awesome day in WLS world.

The NP told me to not beat myself up about the lack of scale movement, since I've lost 17% of my body weight, my blood pressure is improved, my cholesterol is within normal range, and my measurement changes are incredible.

I have lost 1.5" in my neck (my NECK), 6" in my waist, and 7" in my hips. I also was able to get into my size 22 jeans this morning - which has been a goal of mine for the last 2 weeks....they went on, zipped, and I was able to wear them to work! I'm thrilled with all of that. PLUS? I was told today I can actually eat raw fruits/veggies - so I stopped on my way home and got a salad - granted, I can only eat a little of it - but it tastes SOOO good. Never thought I'd be so excited to eat rabbit food.

Banner day in Laur-ville. Now, to find my dream house tomorrow..... I can't wait to go looking!

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Laur =)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First day @ the gym

Well, I did it. I hit the gym and am happy I did. I felt pleasantly tired last night and refocused. I did 30' and a little over a mile on the treadmill and some upper body work. I do have to say, I wasn't too self conscious about changing in the locker room either.....surprising for me, I'll tell you. It was overall a very positive experience. And....the scale is still here but I'm resisting. No weigh in until next Wednesday. That's my plan. We'll see if I can stick to it. =)

2 more days of work then more hours of house hunting. I pray we find the house of our dreams this weekend...... and if we don't - I need to find us an apartment post haste. Off to work!

Thanks for reading! =)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scale is UP?!?!

K - I so need to focus today. The damn scale went up this morning - I need to stay away from that thing for at least a week - I'm driving myself stark-raving mad staring at it's annoying digital face. Bastard.

Going for my bloodwork this morning for my follow up appointment at the endocrinologist on Friday. I know my pre-albumin is going to stink (since I'm not great about the protein yet), and my cholesterol is eh.... had that drawn in my work up for work the other week. Total isn't bad, but my bad chol is borderline and my good is way low. Triglicerides are good, though, as is my fasting blood sugar (down to 81 from 112 on my bloodwork pre-surg). They're drawing an A1C this time, too - another diabetic value. We'll see what that shows.

Okay - no more scale for me until next week. I'm going to find myself a Wii fit if it kills me and hit the gym tonight after work.... or at least hit the treadmill at work when I'm done treating. This stall is gonna wish it never reared its ugly head. Now, time to call my trainer who's been waiting in the wings for the me to tap her expertise..... Oh, Kristin!!!! I'm ready to have you kick my ass.....

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Laur =)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stalled.... and having a baaad day...


I've been the same weight for 10 days now. I know I've made it to TWOderland (only surpassed in amazingness by ONEderland - which I hope to see someday), and I've already lost 66lbs from my heaviest....guess I should expect a stall - but I don't like it. But, I eat my protein and cut the carbs even further down and hope to GOD that this helps. Oh, and I have to do more water, too.....that's been a bit of an achilles heel for me lately. I don't get enough in.....not nearly the 64 oz I'm supposed to get in a day. But I digress....I will get out of this help me God...I will punch this stall in the face! And take it down like a frickin' sumo wrestler. And I'm done bitching. It shall be done!

That, and the house we had bid on is now back on the market - we've backed out and we're going looking again this weekend. Hooray for marathon looking again.... Please oh please let me find my dream house. 2010 is going to be my year.... I can feel it.

Thanks for reading....all 3 of you. *smile*
<3 you!

Monday, March 22, 2010

House stuff.....

I want to say that I am currently in profuse dislike with Fannie Mae. We found the most amazing house a couple weeks ago - fell in LOVE with it, even with all the little quirks and the mold in the basement.... finally got our bid accepted and got set to plan for closing.... and then.... the rug was pulled out from under...... well, at least it feels like it.

The bank (Fannie Mae) has a special type of financing they use for their foreclosures - which on the website says it is comparable with typical mortgage rates. Turns out, the interest rate is a full 1 to 1.5% higher than traditional - not to mention the thousands of dollars that have to be paid up front. It feels, to me, that the loan is designed to help them to recoup their lost money - which is fab for them - but it feels like we're bending over and taking it on our end. Fortunately we have a wonderful realtor who is looking out for us. She's going to go to them and see if we can get the house with traditional financing, but it seems as though we may be saying adios to this house. It saddens me to no end - but I'm hoping that if this does not work out, that there is something more waiting for us on the other side of it.

So..... I have mixed feelings.... I love this house and can honestly see us in it - but if this is going to drive our mortgage out of our range, it's not worth it. We could actually build for cheaper than this would have us pay. So....we wait and we pray....and come up with contingency plans. Looking at apartments, continuing to look at listings online, etc. We shall see.....

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Homeward bound

So, here I am - weekend closed....on my way home. Having a decent flight....enjoying the spacious seat in business class (for the low low price of $49 for the upgrade) and chatting virtually to whomever wants to read. That's me....always blathering to SOMEONE.

So, last night, I was out with my dearest friends (who are really more like sisters to me) and they began asking about the surgery - it was such a shocked and humorous group of reactions...... my favorite had to be Suzy's utter horror at the fact that I can never have beer again. Now, granted, I mourned my favorite things before I went "under the knife" - went out for awful food, drank a bit too much beer, said adios to soda (oh, I still get palpitations with that one....), and sweets? Well, let's just say like Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz - "I think I'll miss you most of all!" I have a mega sweet tooth, always have...... that was the most bitter of goodbyes.

For those of you who read my last post where I said that we sleevers aren't supposed to have sugar sensitivity? Shyeah. I was grossly mistaken in my case. SOME people have sugar sensitivity - and I seem to be among the ones who do. I have found out that if I am not careful about sugar content - I can expect a one way ticket to the rest room - not to be seen for about 30 minutes...and perhaps an impromptu return trip shortly thereafter. Not my idea of a good time...I'd rather be travelling to Atlanta and other places such as there...... so, I have a feeling that my bitter goodbye is relatively permanent. I do have to say, I'm not as unfortunate as some of those RnY'ers out there - they get SICK SICK with sugar sensitivity....and I'd much rather spend the afternoon sittin' on the hopper than with my face in it. Sorry for the TMI - but I tell it like it is. So, if you see me and I'm looking to take a swipe of frosting off your cupcake? STOP ME. Believe me, I may say it'll be worth it at the time - but it won't. So there. *hehe*

K, I'm starting to get annoyed - the XM radio keeps randomly going from my 80's on 8 to big band and crap like that - STOP IT. I know it's free - but I like choice. I'm just sayin. I have to give props to AirTran - they are a great airline with the free radio and really great flight crew - the attendant even made a reference to Colecovision during the announcements..... I was bustin' a gut.

Shout out to Sam and Ryan Kibildis - my "fake" nephews who did amazing jobs this weekend in their LAX games and in Seussical, respectively. I love them dearly and am so proud I could burst. I miss watching them grow up - seeing everyone in ATL once a year is certainly not enough for me. Ohyes, boys, I'll be back. And, to Alex and Sarah Riggin - AMAZING Magic, the Gathering skills (yes, I'm embracing my inner geek here - bear with me) - I will kick your butts next visit.

And to Erin, John, Suzy, Billy, and Seamus - Love you all and thanks for having me - 3 days is too short. See you soon.

Thanks for reading, all - catch ya later! I'm going to eat my breakfast sandwich (sans bread and about 1/3 of it) and listen to some hair band rock. \m/

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is a VSG?

Good morning! Here I am in sunny Georgia (well, it's a little cold right now, but it'll warm up!) and I'm sitting here with amazing friends/family and smelling breakfast cooking. Life is awesome!

So, I'm sure there are a lot of ppl who don't know what a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) is. So, here's my understanding of the procedure - with some pictures as I can find them.... thanks Google! Remember, I'm not a doctor - so I'm sure there is more to the procedure than I'm aware - seeing as I was asleep during the operation - but here's some general information. Do more research on your own or talk to a doc for comprehensive information. Okay, disclaimer noted... we go!!

As opposed to the gastric bypass (or RnY), the VSG works on the concept of restriction only. It used to be used exclusively as a first step of the Duodenal Switch (or DS, I know, obvious...but still) - which is malabsorbative like the RnY. During the surgery - they remove the lower curvature of your stomach, leaving it the size and shape of a small banana....or in my case, a sharpie marker. The size of the the stomach depends on the size of spacer - bougie - they use during the surgery. There is no re-routing of the intestines or malabsorption, and you're left with a fully functional, albeit tiny, stomach. The stomach left is less likely to stretch than the lower curvature, so the effects are pretty long lasting - so long as you follow the rules.

Now, everyone has been asking me what I can eat, how often I eat, what my "rules" are, and what the expectation is for outcome. As far as what I can eat now, 8 weeks out, I can eat almost anything - within the rules. Biggest rule - protein first. Protein is important for retention of muscle, keeping your hair (which I so want to do), and healing well after surgery. Essentially, you need protein primarily to survive and remain healthy. Second biggest - TAKE YOUR VITAMINS...this, admittedly, I am not good at. It's a struggle - but because you don't get a lot of room and you have to use this room for protein primarily, you have to supplement with vitamins. Thirdly - keep it low fat, low carb (at this point, I'm VERY low carb - no bread yet...). My stomach only has a 2 - 4 oz. capacity at this point - I have to pick and choose my foods. Ultimately I'll be able to eat 1 - 1.5 cups of food - but that is in the future.

The things people cannot believe? I was advised I could not drink carbonated beverages forever (oh, the pain), no drinking for 6 - 12 months (double pain - no beer forever?? seriously?? oy), and no caffeine, at least in the beginning (which can cause ulcers). These three things were very hard for me. I was drinking at least 3 - 4 sodas a day - caffeine + carbonation, socially drinking - a beer (Blue Moon, yum) and wine, depending on the company kept, and coffee? Oh, the horror of giving that up. It hurt - literally. Headaches to beat the band. But once they were gone, it was good.

Being away from home is a struggle at times - but I have great friends and family who are really in tune to what I need to do at this point, and are amazingly supportive. I am now off to have about 1/4 cup of breakfast - an egg and some turkey bacon. I love my friends.

More tomorrow on the flight home! =)

Thanks for reading!

Laur =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Little Background......

So....for those of you who don't know me, this will be new....but since most of the ppl I anticipate following me here DO know me......this may be a bit redundant....but who knows...someone cool may stumble upon Oprah....or Ellen....or Chelsea Handler...... So who knows....I'll try to keep it (somewhat) brief.

I am 37...certainly don't act it, nor do I like the number attached to my current state of age, but hey - can't control that, right? I'm married to the love of my life for the past 10 years and live in the minute but wonderful state of Delaware with him and our 6 furry children. I am one of seven (yes, seven) children - I'm #2 in the birth order, and the oldest girl. I love all my family dearly and my sisters are the lights of my life - even those of you who are not blood sisters.....I love you all as well! My brothers are my little loves... and I cannot imagine my life any different than it is right now.... I'm happy. But it took me some time to get here...... hence, the journey.

My journey to weight loss surgery (WLS) began, actually, with a fertility doctor telling me that I was too fat to conceive and that her first order of business would be to prescribe South Beach Diet. I never went back to that insensitive woman again - I even change the channel on the radio when her commercials come on. She hurt me BAD - and caused me to gain even MORE weight than I had already been carrying! *tsk tsk* We found another doctor who tried everything with us to help us achieve parenthood - we even conceived once - but that ended in a very early miscarriage, or what they called a "chemical pregnancy" - it means that we lost our little bean before he/she even had a heartbeat. Still hurt us to the core - but part of what's made us who we are as a couple. After our second doctor and his amazing staff did all they could short of lipo - we realized finally that it really WAS my extra weight that was contributing to my infertility. And the quest towards WLS began.

I researched options.... Band? Gastric Bypass? But which one? When we went to an information session, I realized there was a third option - the sleeve gastrectomy (VSG). It was great news to me - I was worried about what a band would be like in 30 years, and didn't like the idea of bypassing part of my that is where I started.

I had surgery on 1/25/10 (or, my new birthday), and haven't looked back or regretted a single moment. Best.decision.ever. I am down from my heaviest weight of 361 lbs to a still plus sized but far more fab 296.5. And I continue to lose. It's a tool, not a cure, but it certainly is a good one. I feel better, move better, have more confidence, and am happier than I've been in a long time. My focus is shifted and I'm on this path - for now. We are earnestly hoping that this path leads us to the parenthood journey..... and if it doesn't help us have our own kids - adoption is def an option - we have decided that we WILL be parents.... no matter what.

You may see some of my old blogs copied/pasted from my old MySpace (where I blogged my infertility journey) and my ObesityHelp blog, I'm hoping that I can put it all in one place - so when I look back and want to show my family/kids my journey - I don't have to Google all the do-da-day to find myself. I'm doing just fine doing that without Google....

Thanks for reading! =)