Sunday, January 30, 2011

Accountability - day 2 - not bad!

So, I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 198.5. What I'm doing is having the desired effect. Positive reinforcement achieved! I am pushing on!

Yesterday I did well, considering it was a weekend....

Breakfast: Fake eggs with cheese, ham and ketchup
Coffee with SF coffeemate (not drunk at the same time - drank coffee first)
Snack: Apple and a cheese stick
Lunch: California Pizza Kitchen - thin crust BBQ chicken pizza with a touch of ranch (2 slices - tiny)
Snacks: Mixed nuts (1 oz)
Cheerios with lactaid milk (I wanted something crunchy!)
atkins bar before bed
Dinner: 2 oz chicken breast
1/4 c fake potatoes (idohoan ones)

Totals: 1321 calories, 77 g protein. NO SUPPLEMENTS! that was a cool thing.

Off to work this morning...already noshing on my fake egg omlet for my AM protein. Talk to you soon!

Thanks for reading!
Laurie =)

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