Friday, January 21, 2011

Strange realizations...

I was reading through my old blogs from the past year and something struck me.

Things I thought were impossible were, in fact, possible. For example:

1. I thought it would be impossible to wear a size large by this Christmas - I was.
2. my waist measurement pre surgery is now my HIP measurement!
3. I have made it below 200# for the first time in my adult life...and I'm staying here!
4. I am learning to eat in moderation and enjoy food differently - my relationship with food is so different now. I love food, but don't live for it.
5. All my lab values are not only good, but I'm the picture of health!

It's incredible, really. It's been a long year and a short year all at once....and I'm so thankful for this journey, even when it takes me to strange places I've never been and challenges me in ways I never thought I could handle. I'm also so thankful for all the support of my family and friends on this journey as well. I could not have done it without all of you. Thank you.

Thanks for reading...

Lots of love...

Laur =)

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