Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back on Track - The plan and day one summary

So, I decided since I stepped on the scale and it said 201 yesterday (I hate that 2!), I needed to assess my situation and make changes. I've been gradually going down the slippery slope...and the smaller I get, the fewer calories I can consume and still lose. Here are the things I found I was doing all wrong in the last couple weeks....

1. Too many sweets at work and too weak - the more I ate, the more I wanted
2. my Starbucks drink - Venti soy latte is 260 calories! And I was drinking one a day - at least!
3. Carbs carbs carbs - bread, crackers and sugars, oh my! - Not cool.
4. Loving others with food led to my loving myself more with food - a cycle I've worked hard to's happened again!
5. No gym - I've been using the excuse that I was getting my ribs better - but my ribs are better I have NO excuse.

So....what to do? Refocus, change my habits, and get back where I should be! Here's the plan:

1. Track daily on Spark People....I was only doing it sporadically - but hadn't in a long time. That's how I found my errors when I entered a days' "work".
2. Blog daily with my accountability - especially when I'm in Scranton for the next couple weeks...I love my fam, but they are major food triggers for me!
3. Get back to exercise - I have some yoga shows on my DVR, I'm going to try them. Starting back to Zumba - with my sister next two weeks and then back when I get here...there's a Zumba class in my building M, T, W at 6:20 - it's late, but I can do it!
4. NO MORE SWEETS OR DOUGHY CARBS - I even wrote that down and took a pic of it to make my home screen on my phone. So far, it's a good reminder!
5. Replace my loving people with sweets (doughnuts, cakes, cookies), I'm getting rid of the sweets on the snack table at work and replacing it with fruits and veggies. My staff will thank me for it!

That's my plan!

Now for my accountability for yesterday.

Breakfast: Protein Oatmeal (100 cal, 15g protein)
AM Beverage: Chocolate protein shake (160 cal, 30g protein)
AM snack: Ham and cheese rollup (95 cal, 12g protein)
late AM drink: Protein capuccino (90 cal, 15g protein)
Lunch: Starkist tuna lunch thingy (210 calories, 20g protein)
Honeydew (32 cal, 0 protein)
PM Snack: Carrots and ranch dressing (105 calories, 0 protein)
Dinner: Chicken Ceasar salad (wawa) (240 calories, 22g protein)
Grapes (60 calories, 0 protein)
Raspberry vinaigrette (45 calories, 0 protein)

Totals: 1235 calories, 118 carbs, 36 g fat, 109 g. protein (ish)

Not too bad for a first day. We shall see what day 2 brings....weekends are tough sometimes.

Thanks for reading!
Laurie =)

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